Protect You and Your Family's Health.

CEHI Inspectors are trained and certified to provide The Next Generation of Inspection Services for property transactions as well as affordable Annual Mold & Moisture Maintenance (MMM) Programs to protect your family, your health, and your home. ESP prides itself on top quality information. We maintain experienced engineers, contractors and professional Hygienist staff to provide consultation for both our commercial and residential clients.

The industry's Next Generation of Inspection Services has already been Welcomed by the Building and Mortgage Banking Industry, as well as the PIA, The Insurance Industry's largest Professionals organizations.

Mohawk Valley Inspectors are EDR Certified to guide you through your report and give you any information you will need.

What is an EDR neighborhood environmental report?

Our report provides an informative and easy-to-understand snapshot of a home's and the surrounding area's environmental health. We're able to pull records from a variety of trusted government sources and search for concerns that might be dangerous to a homeowner's family or investment, such as nearby:

Leaking underground oil tanks
Hazardous waste sites
Illegal drug labs

Why is it important to get a neighborhood report?

Leaks, landfills and waste sites pose a threat to your and your family's health and property value as harmful substances can find their way into:

Your drinking water
The soil around your home
Indoor air through vapor intrusion

What if something is found?

If your prospective residential property is contaminated or at risk of being contaminated by harmful substances, our team will work to improve the area right away. One of our home inspectors will:

Install a ventilation system for radon mitigation
Install a water filtration system
Perform a water-quality test
Perform periodic water-quality testing

The good news is that if an issue arises, our EDR-certified professional home inspector is trained to help you understand the report's findings and guide you to a solution.

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