The Next Generation of Inspection Services in Broadalbin, Gloversville, & surrounding areas in NY


CEHI Inspectors are trained and certified to provide The Next Generation of Inspection Services for property transactions as well as affordable Annual Mold & Moisture Maintenance (MMM) Programs to protect your family, your health, and your home. ESP prides itself on top quality information. We maintain experienced engineers, contractors and professional Hygienist staff to provide consultation for both our commercial and residential clients.

The industry's Next Generation of Inspection Services has already been Welcomed by the Building and Mortgage Banking Industry, as well as the PIA, The Insurance Industry's largest Professionals organizations



The standard CMI investigation will typically cover up to 203 checkpoints on a property. CMI investigations are the industry's best in class moisture inspection reports.

This consumer friendly report includes recommendations, a color-coded summary page and detailed photos of any area of concern. The CMI Inspection may include, but is not limited to the following areas:

  • Property - Grading, landscape and water main
  • Abutted Exterior Areas - Patios, decks, and balconies
  • Building Envelope - Chimney, roof, eaves, siding, skylights, windows and doors
  • Interior rooms - (Including kitchen, bathrooms and laundry area) - Ceilings, walls, floors, windows, doors, plumbing fixtures and appliances
  • Water Heater and HVACAttics, Basements and Crawl spaces


National Call Center

The Customer Care Center provides professional consultations and quality controlled information to all clients. Our specialists will answer any questions and assist you with your inspection needs. Request all of your inspections with just one call and experience just how much time and money you can save by bundling services. Let our experienced Customer Care specialists provide you with a FREE quote and schedule your next inspection with one of our highly trained CEHI's.

Certified Industrial Hygienist Services

Our certified Industrial Hygienists provide CEHIs with ongoing support and oversight to ensure proper delivery of DEHI services. They ensure information accuracy and BEST IN CLASS recommendations. Our Hygiene staff will consult you and ensure that you understand the information contained in your Inspection report.


Healthy Assurance Certifications

ESP's proactive, industry supported Annual Mold and Moisture Maintenance Program (MMM) includes an Annual Certified Moisture Investigation. An annual Inspection helps ensure that any moisture maintenance issues are addressed quickly to minimize expensive repairs or serious health concerns for the property owner. Additionally, it assists insurance underwriters to control high-dollar moisture claims, which continue to grow at an astronomical rate each year. We anticipate significant incentives from industry stake holders for those who participate in Annual Maintenance Programs for residential or commercial properties